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What is AIR?

Aquamarine Intermediate Representation

AIR is a low-level language based on S-expressions. The purpose of AIR is managing the Fluence network and its peers. The syntax of AIR has been inspired by WAT (WebAssembly Text Format). AIR is meant to be a compile target for a more user-friendly higher-level language that is under development now. That is why the syntax of AIR is in flux and is likely to be changed.

Scripts written in AIR look like this

This script performs the following actions:

  1. Gathers chat members by calling the chat.get_members function and saving the result in the members array.
  2. Iterates over the elements in the members array, m = element.
    Each m is an object represented by an array, and [0] refers to its first element.
  3. Displays the msg message to each chat member.
  4. Triggers the next iteration via the (next m) instruction.

More information about instructions used in the AIR scripts can be found here.

Updated about a month ago

What is AIR?

Aquamarine Intermediate Representation

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